Only The Good

First and foremost, I want to send my heartfelt condolences to everyone who has recently suffered a loss. To all the families affected by the terrorist attack overseas, my heart breaks for you. The universe has been particularly cruel lately.

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This post specifically, is dedicated to the Hayes family of Dorchester, MA. I am keeping you all in my heart.

It is no secret that I grew up in Boston, but even luckier for me, I grew up with Dorchester Pride in my veins (by osmosis that is!).

Two of my older brothers were members of our local youth hockey team, the Dorchester Chiefs. The same team and roster, that the Hayes brothers got their start with. My connection to hockey runs deep, even though I myself, have never played a game

.There is no greater and recent success story that came out of Dorchester than the Hayes family. It is true what they say, they are royalty to us. It made it even better that they are good people too.

I remember when the Boston Bruins signed Jimmy Hayes. It was the talk of the town. I was sixteen at the time, and even then, I could feel the pride and excitement in the community. Frankly, to the locals, it did not matter much when it came to what we may see on the score sheet from Jimmy. The fact that a Dorchester boy was playing for the team we grew up cheering for was simply electric. From what I remember growing up, Kevin Sr., the father of the Hayes brother’s, had one of the biggest personalities, and it did not stop with him. I don’t think there are too many photos of Jimmy in this era where he was not smiling, and I would bank the same for his entire career. Jimmy exmplified what it meant to love what you do, and do what you love.

Now is the part where I say, this all seems very inflated for someone who never formally met Jimmy. I feel as though this doesn’t mean much because so many people can back me up on what an great person Jimmy is.

Every song I’ve heard as of late has made me think of Kristin, the true love of Jimmy’s life. I have been following Kristin for quite some time, she is a beautiful person inside and out. I think of all the amazing memories I saw Kristin document and how I long for a life like theirs one day. From what I can tell, their house is full of love, trucks and their sweet dog, Maui. I think of the newly two-year-old son Beau, who looks like the best mix of his parents, and sweet little Mac who is just beginning to experience the world. I also think of how much our community will support them forever.

It feels wrong and selfish to mourn someone you never knew, especially when there is already so much going on in the world. No one can prepare you enough when it comes to grieving.

Loss and pain are all but a guarantee in life.

In times like these we always find ourselves shaking our heads and asking “why?”. We rarely receive an answer that gives us any solace. I don’t have one for you either. However, we do not get to experience love, gratitude, peace and hope without all the bad sh*t too. I recently said to someone: “life makes no f*cking sense” and I meant it. This is not a groundbreaking thought, but it’s something we can take the time to acknowledge. All we can do is hold onto the good, where ever we can find it.

Jimmy Hayes is one of many that exudes Dorchester pride. He makes me want to continue this kind of legacy in my work in Hockey. Both Hayes brothers made it a reality to grow up here and make it to the big leagues. Something kids only dream of.

Achieving my version of this dream always makes me think of this family. I hope to make the Hayes family proud by representing Dorchester they way they all do so well.

To Kristin, should you ever see this, you have the whole city of Boston with you. You are never alone. I hope you and the boys continue to heal during this genuinely unfathomable time.

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